Disability Horizons

This category will feature all the work I wrote for Disability Horizons magazine. It sadly closed after twelve years of giving people with a disability a voice. Pieces were written on every topic you could think of. Giving disabled people access to important and entertaining information was at the heart of the online magazine.


Disability Horizons Shop Reviews

As part of my work for the magazine I also wrote product reviews for their shop which I’m pleased to say is still up and running. If you need any disability products or inspiration on how to make life easier this is the website to visit.

Personal Stories

For the last year at Disability Horizons as well as writing content for them I also edited the Personal stories that people would send to us. I’m not including them on inclusivelivingconcepts as it’s not my original work. Readers of the magazine would contact the team wanting to write about something personal to them, hence the title. This could be anything from their latest achievement, there journey as a person with a disability, or advice they would like to pass onto the community. You can find the stories here.

I hope you enjoy reading my work. The team inspired me to apply to the journalism course with Ability Today. I believe my work with them is a big part of why I was accepted. Did you read our content, do you have a question? Contact me me and let me know.


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