Panorama photo of the conservatory

A Christmas Post

The decorations are up! Happy Christmas Everyone.

This is just a quick post to say Happy Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys themselves however you celebrate. The Christmas tree photo below is not mine but the tree at my local park. The toddler is also unknown to me and she decided to photobomb my first Christmas tree photo.


Christmas Decorations

I’m back with my parents as I currently have no care and as this is a Christmas post I won’t say anymore this side of Christmas but the bright side is my Mom and Dad’s decorations are superior to mine. I love the house when it’s all decorated, even if we’re not having a real tree this year.

Family and Friends

I’m very lucky to have a family to share Christmas with and I’m aware not everyone does. Appreciate family and friends, and never take them for granted. Celebrate in a way that makes you happy and I’ll see you on the other side.