Screenshot zoom Dance

International Inclusion

Yesterday was International Day For People with Disabilities, I hope everyone has had a great day. If you’re anything like me though apart from more disability-related posts on social media today has been the same as many others. The same triumphs and difficulties exist but awareness is growing. This can only be a good thing for breaking down barriers that disabled people experience.

On Tuesday, 1st December 2020, my dance group were part of an inclusive dance festival in Moscow. Britain, along with many other countries celebrated the inclusivity of dance and how everyone can be involved and have fun. This festival is called Inclusive Dance World Vision and apparently happens every year with amazing dancers travelling to Moscow to compete. Obviously due to Covid-19 videos were submitted this year and the whole event was live-streamed on the day.

I did plan on posting our entry but have to wait until the big reveal at our Freewheelin’ Christmas show on December 18th. Instead here is our first competition dance from a couple of years ago.

Everyone should be included no matter what their disability, race or religion. As a disabled person the barriers I face are mostly caused by the beliefs of wider society, however as days like the International Day For People With Disabilities, Purple Tuesday and the Inclusive Dance World Vision show, attitudes I changing slowly but surely, one dance at a time, in my case.