Update: Nine Months on…

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that my first post was written in March and it is now December! I didn’t have a baby but life did get in the way so this is my way overdue update!

Naidex update

My original plan was to update this blog in time to write up my impressions of Naidex. Naidex is one of, if not the biggest disability show of the year. It showcases products, services, advice and a healthy dose of inspiration for disabled people. The main reason I haven’t updated is that I had to learn how to fix WordPress before I could use it. I also requested an increase in my Direct Payments from Social Services. Many of you know how relaxing that is! The photo below is of myself and Lee Rigby after his latest show in Birmingham, just one of the events I’ve been to this year.

Photo of Me and Lee Rigby after his show in Solihull

Equipment updated and dumb becomes smart

I contacted Remap to help me adapt my standing chair so that I could transfer into it more easily. If you can’t find a product that meets your needs then there is help out there. Remap will adapt what you already have or in some circumstances, create a new solution for you. Also, on the subject of access, I had smart lighting and heating installed along with a Gerberit wash and dry toilet in my flat. These things will help me be more comfortable and independent in my own home.

Cars and Wheelchairs

This year was also the year that my Motability car lease was up so I was kept busy researching car models that would fit me and my life in it for the next three years. I eventually chose a Fiat Doblo, passenger upfront conversion, a significant update on my previous car!

I now have two working power chairs, a month ago I didn’t have any as my privately brought, Powerchair, decided it needed repairing. Receiving my new TDX SP2 wheelchair from Birmingham Wheelchair Services means I now have a backup. In my experience support and equipment are like buses in that you wait for ages hoping for an appointment and or a piece of equipment and then everything happens at once! I’m not complaining, it feels great to know I now have a backup chair should things go pear-shaped. I’d love to hear about your own experiences.

Theatre fun

I visit my local theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome, at least twice a month. I love going to the theatre, it’s accessible and fun. Look out for more posts about my theatre adventures 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of productions in the past nine months including Kinky Boots and Hamilton.


As you see it’s been a busy time. I’m planning on posting an update regularly from now on. I have my OT assessment on the 10th of December in connection with my Direct Payment budget request. Wish me luck!