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I wanted to start writing a disability blog as being disabled and living with Cerebral Palsy I’ve always faced access barriers and found ways to overcome them. I want to share my experiences with my readers and therefore raise awareness so that disabled people experience fewer obstacles. Hopefully, inclusivelivingconcepts will achieve that and entertain you along the way.

Hi, My name is Lucy and I live in Birmingham with my family. I love theatre and comedy shows. This is where most of my money goes. I also enjoy food so a meal out with friends and a good catch-up is my idea of fun.

Why name my disability blog inclusivelivingconcepts?

I’ve always wished that society would be inclusive I have a goal to devise and create a more portable solution than a hoist to enable disabled people to transfer more easily. I always have ideas or concepts rushing around my brain and my purpose for doing this is to improve the quality of life I and others experience. To be able to live and work. Putting those things together meant inclusivelivingconcepts.


My dream job is to become an access consultant. I have lots of experience and a lot of opinions so to get paid for that would be fantastic. I’ll highlight the good, the bad and the ugly facets that living with a disability brings. Awareness is knowledge and knowledge is power. I’ll update this blog monthly, sometimes more if I have something particular to write about. Reviews of places I’ve been, my opinion regarding different assistive technology and general posts about living with a disability will be the main topics of this blog along with bits and pieces of dance and theatre here and there. 😉

The fact that I chose to create this blog on #AccessDay is a complete but very fitting coincidence.

If you have experiences, ideas you would like to share or even just say hi, please comment below or contact me. Only through shared experience and knowledge will the world become more accessible to all.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa.

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